The Hoodie

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Studio L A designed the exhibition The Hoodie in het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam.

The exhibition considers the role of a fashion garment as a socio-political carrier. The hoodie is a staple of contemporary dress, hyped as a trend and a must-have item; but elsewhere it is also a topic of moral panic, banned by certain institutions and dissected by the media as an emblem of inequality, crime or deviancy. Curated by writer and curator Lou Stoppard.

The Hoodie is a story of appropriation and a story of changing contexts. The exhibition design gives visitors the possibility to view the Hoodie and how it functions and what it means in different contexts, but without losing the relation between each other. Textile walls are used to suggest different types of contexts: inside spaces that represent a gallery space, a clothing shop or a fashion catwalk, and outside spaces that represent the street and public space. The semi-transparent walls ensure that visitors always see an object in relation to other objects, so the objects are shown and experienced as interwoven and layered stories.

Photo’s by Johannes Schwartz and Franziska Mueller Schmidt

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