Anastasis / Giorgio Andreotta Calò

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In the third part of the book Arna Mačkić contributed with the essay Sweet Crosses.

Anastasis / Giorgio Andreotta Calò
The monumental glazed windows of the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam are one striking feature. In the Middle Ages these were filled with stained glass, so the light penetrated in myriad chromatic variations. The majority of the Oude Kerk’s stained-glass windows were destroyed during the Iconoclastic Fury of 1566, as the Calvinists preferred a stripped-back profession of faith, with little room for imagery or warmth. By covering all the windows with red filters Giorgio Andreotta Calò offers a novel insight into this history. With the red light Calò brings the Roman Catholic visual idiom back into the building and reflects on the Iconoclastic Fury of 1566 and the revolution in religious thinking. The three parts of this book seperately deal about:
1. The temporary installation in the church (Anastasis);
2. A photographic work on the depiction of the Anunciation;
3. A report of the public debate and the court case that were provoked by the permanent installation at the Heilig Graf (Holy Sepulcher).

Artist:Giorgio Andreotta Calò 
In cooperation with:De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam
Design:Dongyoung Lee, Roger Willems
Number of pages:112 total
Size:24 × 33 cm
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