Dive Into the Future

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Come Closer #4: Dive Into the Future
Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, April 2018

Come Closer #4 pays tribute to musician, poet, writer and philosopher Sun Ra (1914-1993), who by bending history to his will in his very own way succeeded in creating a new mythology of the future. Together with poets, writers and artists Dean Bowen and Gershwin Bonevacia, architect Arna Mačkić, whose mode of thought and work methods were moulded by Sun Ra, introduces his inspirational ideas.

In the Oude Kerk, Mačkić goes through seven stages – flight, adjustment, memory, promise, leap, confrontation and hope – and discusses them with Sun Ra. We always find ourselves in transition from one stage to the other and that is where we can position ourselves in relation to the other and to society. With Sun Ra as a teacher, we are handed methods to face the future with a new version of the past in mind.

The evening is organized by the Oude Kerk in collaboration with Radna Rumping and Michiel van Iersel and takes place in the context of the current exhibition NA by Christian Boltanski.

Photo’s made by Maarten Nauw

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