Winner Dutch Design Award 2015

Mortal Cities & Forgotten Monuments is the winner of a Dutch Design Award 2015 in the category Design Research.

Jury report:
The designer does not adopt a position and treats the sensitive history with great care. She does not rely on ethnicity or religion, but takes collective habits or memories as starting points for the rebuilding of cities under the shadow of conflicts past. A principle that is certainly applicable in other countries, regions, and cities. Thoroughly recorded and properly illustrated.
For the jury, Mortal Cities & Forgotten Monuments is a well-conceived research project on the topical theme of identity and nationality. Above all, it is visually appealing, straightforward, and subtle. In terms of both the research and design, the designer has achieved a successful balance. She remains impartial, and handles a sensitive history with great delicacy. The jury was also impressed by the fact that the principle is applicable in many other regions, which can be seen from the invitations to apply the acquired knowledge in other countries. Actieve Monumenten +

Inclusieve Educatie +

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